About Fire pits

Light up the night by installing a custom fire pit to keep your guests warm and cozy while enjoying your outdoor living space. Outdoor fire pits can be incorporated into your patio area, or it can be built in a separate area in your yard to allow some separation between your outdoor living space and fire pit area. If you plan to have the fire pit built into the patio, it is best to choose a space off to the side to allow more room for your outdoor table and chair area. If you prefer to locate your fire pit further out into your yard, we recommend finding an area that provides seclusion from your neighbors if possible. It will help add privacy and control noise volume when entertaining guests late into the night.

Fire Pit Layout

Regarding the layout, we recommend having 3-5 feet of hardscape surrounding the fire pit to allow room for chairs or a seat wall. Typically, the fire pits we build have an outer diameter of 4-5 feet and a height of 12-18 inches. If the fire pit is round, it looks the best aesthetically to have the surrounding hardscape round as well, and if it's square, then the surrounding hardscape should be square as well. Adding a seat wall to your fire pit area is an excellent option for additional seating and can add extra character to your project. We have many choices and materials available for installing your custom fire pit area. There are a few different fire pit kits that we can install, or we can custom build one with a variety of different styles of decorative block. Depending on the style of the fire pit, the surrounding hardscape can be composed of either brick pavers or natural stone such as flagstone. When choosing products, your choices may rely heavily on the surrounding elements of your yard and outdoor living space. Contact us today to help design the right fire pit area for your backyard.

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