About Landscaping

Allscapes is here to meet all of your landscaping needs. We install trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, top soil, mulch, decorative rock, outdoor drains, weed resistant fabric, etc. Whether you are looking to renovate your Michigan landscape or need us to design and install a new landscape for a new construction home, we can get it done. Give us your vision and we will make your dream a reality.

Planning Stage

During the planning stage of landscaping projects, our clients may already have a vision or an idea of how they want everything to look. Most often, our customers need help with creating a vision for their landscape layout. Our job is to apply our experience and knowledge to design a landscape that fits the likes and personality of each and every client. Whether it's creating a whole new landscape for new construction or renovating the existing layout, Allscapes can easily meet your needs. During the initial consultation, we like to gather your ideas and input on what type of plants, trees, or shrubs you would like to incorporate into your landscape design. We will give our input as well about what we think will go well with your layout.

Creation of Design and Plant Selection

Choice of plants is just as important as style and design. The Michigan climate plays a significant role in choosing trees and shrubbery that can handle the weather in our planting zone. It is our responsibility to pick seasonal blooming or year-round plants, trees, and shrubs that would require minimal maintenance and provide 4 seasons of color. We use trees, shrubs, and bushes to attribute the beauty of your home and the yard, as well as hide any imperfections. We give our clients a fair estimate of how fast and how high trees and bushes can grow to help them picture the landscape from a year from now or 10 years down the road. It is also critical to select plants that have the proper sunlight requirements for the area where the plants will be located. For example, if the design area is on the north side of your house, we recommend full shade plants. If this field gets a couple of hours of sunlight in some areas, we can add a few partial sun plants as well. For landscape areas that are located on the south or west side of your home, we can incorporate full sun to partial sun plants, which often provide colorful, heavily bloomed plants.

3D Landscaping Design

We manually create a 3D landscape model design to help our clients pick size and color for materials and texture for the project. It is always better to see the virtual representation of how their projects would look before we physically build it.

Professional Installation

Our staff is well experienced to ensure a proper installation of your landscape. There are many factors to consider when the properly installing landscape in Michigan, such as the bed height, pitch of the soil and grade in relation to your house, a thickness of mulch or decorative stone, and the depth of each plant, tree, and shrub that is planted, to name a few. All of these factors come together to ensure quality, a long-lasting landscape for your home.

Landscaping pictures