About Porches and Steps

Add style and curb appeal to your home with a new porch and steps. Allscapes can design and build a variety of steps, staircases, and paver porches that will meet the needs and desires of any customer.

Material Options

We most often use retaining wall blocks for building our steps and staircases because they give a luxurious appeal and are the most durable. Depending on the style of your project, there are other options for step materials such as natural stone steps, pre-cast steps, and timber steps. During consultation, we will help assist you in your choice of product that will look the best for your project.

Paver Porch Installation in Porch Project

Brick paver porches can be built from scratch, or if your existing porch is still structurally sound, we can build a new retaining wall around it and inlay with pavers. With the availability of so many different products and types of materials, it is easy to customize your brick paver porch and add your personal touches. When building a new porch, we start by removing the existing porch completel:+1-734-775-5526y. If the new porch is going to match the dimensions of the old porch, we carefully make sure we remove enough of the current footing below grade to allow room for our base materials to prep block for the new porch. Our next step is to build the retaining wall to create the perimeter of the porch. After the block is laid and the caps are glued to the block, the porch will now be ready to be filled with 21AA limestone base. We add 4-inch layers of the gravel base and compact the area before adding another 4 inches. This is done to ensure that the base material is being thoroughly compacted all the way up to the top of the prepping level. Once the gravel is in, we proceed to do the final grading with slag sand to prep for the brick paver inlay. The next step is to install the pavers in the desired pattern. After the pavers are laid, we then cut around the perimeter to add our paver border. Some of our designs include adding a different color paver to add a nice border that will stand out and give great appeal to the overall project.

Steps and Staircases

Building steps or a staircase is somewhat similar to how we build our porches. If a step has a greater depth than the depth of the block and cap, we use the same procedure as described for the porch to build that step. When creating a staircase with multiple block-steps, we always start with the bottom step and work our way up. This procedure is consistent with using any material for building staircases, whether it’s decorative block, timbers, natural stone, or precast steps. One important factor in making steps is to make sure that the rises between each step are consistent. For example, if we are building a three step staircase and the first rise is 6 inches, the next two rises should be 6 inches as well. If your heights are 6-8-6 for the three steps, it could be a hazard to anyone, especially for guests who are not familiar with the steps. We can ensure you that your steps and staircases will be built properly to code.

Porches and Steps Pictures