About Seatwalls and Pillars

Adding seat walls and pillars to your patio will upgrade your outdoor area by giving it more of a castle like appeal. A seat wall will also allow extra seating for family and friends. Pillars are ideal for adding outdoor lighting to your patio area and can be the finishing touch to your outdoor living space. If you are working on a budget and do not have the funds to build a seat wall or pillars during the initial patio construction, they may always be added later on without disturbing the original patio project layout.

Seat Walls

A seat wall is also referred to as a seating wall, decorative wall, bench wall, and patio wall. They are normally located at the perimeter of a patio. We usually build these walls to 2 feet in height above the patio floor. This is a good height for comfortable seating and tends to look the best aesthetically. The walls can either be straight or curved to follow the patio's perimeter. In order to create curved walls, each block will need to be cut to close up the gaps between each block when placed on the wall. There are many decorative blocks, retaining wall blocks, and wall caps to choose from when selecting products for your wall. Because the wall is freestanding, it is important to choose a block that has a double sided face. Many retaining wall blocks only have a one sided face because the back side of the block is retaining earth. Each manufacturer of retaining wall blocks usually offers a few different styles of block that contain a double sided face that can be used for building the free standing walls.


Pillars are often built near the perimeter of patio entrances, at the outside corners of a patio between seat walls, and at the entrance of a front walk approach. They are typically built 3 to 4 feet in height. Pillars offer the option of adding lighting as well. This can look gorgeous in the evening whether they are located on your patio or at the front entrance of your home. If you are looking to upgrade your existing mailbox to a pillar style block mailbox, we can build it for you.

Seatwalls and Pillars Pictures